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World's first personalised AI therapy platform to measure and elevate your emotional health.

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Trusted by clear thinkers from


50000+ humans
trust us with their

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People love

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"The response was so beautifully curated! It made me realize what I was not paying attention to while being all empathetic. It feels like someone is holding all those tangled threads and helping me untangle them one at a time. I understand how asking for help is important, but I want to admit that Clearmind helps me when I'm feeling overwhelmed and unable to reach out."


Our AI therapy methods are proven and reliable - and even experts love us!

Diversity requires diverse solutions

Each  struggle is different. That's why we've crafted six unique solutions, drawing from real user experiences, to help you rise above your challenges.

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Moulded For You

Experience the future of mindfulness with Clearmind's real-time, hyper-personalized meditation. Our scripts adapt to your unique mood and life's narrative, paving your path to inner peace.

Mental health care that adapts to your personality

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How to

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Step 1: Express

Start talking. Literally, just get cozy, take out your device, and spill the beans! Rave about your neon socks or overshare your love for stargazing. The more you share, the more accurate the r